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Cape Clasp

Cape Clasp is a purpose-driven brand with a mission to #makewaves for marine life causes. For each of their designs, they partner with a different marine life organization and donate 15% of the profits. 
Marine Life Bracelets:
Our bracelets are made with Sterling Silver and Red Bronze tied with marine grade cord. 15% of all profits are donated back to ocean & marine life causes.
Tikos Bracelets:
Tikos are 100% recyclable ocean plastic bracelets that challenge consumers to reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in our ocean. The material to make Tikos products is first cleaned off coastlines and removed from the ocean to then be shaved down into recycled plastic pellets. The pellets are then melted down, molded into bracelets, and worn on your wrist as a daily reminder to reduce your plastic use and to protect the ocean.
Trysail Gifts is proud to be an authorized Cape Clasp Dealer. All of our products are Brand New and come direct from the manufacturer.